The leading Swedish event, about
“The world’s most valuable resource”

A headline in The Economist back in May, caught my attention. 

It simply said: “The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data”.

But the article in The Economist did not approach this cool one liner from the angle of Analytics, Data Innovation or Business Intelligence alone. Rather, its focus point was the world’s digital giants: Google’s parent company Alphapet, Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Microsoft.

The bottom line is obvious and has been written on the wall for everyone to see for quite some time: enterprises and organisations that get on top of their data will be the future market leaders. In the process they will disrupt all of the industries in their ecosystem. Tech and data is now a unstoppable driver of cross industry convergence.  

Anders Borg, closing Keynote speaker for the upcoming 2018 event, has previously indicated that “Data and Analytics, are quickly becoming the most valuable assets that organizations have”. His multi faceted experience as the former Swedish Minister of Finance promises attendees some real insights, about how this translates into actionable strategies in the next economy. 

Like all assets that involve innovation and disruptive technology, someone in the organization needs to own and advance the strategy, to maximize its value. 

To quote last year’s keynote speaker, disruptive businessman Christen Ager-Hanssen; “The blue chip executives and boards, that do not realise that data and analytics is the sharpest tool at their disposal (…) and that do not attend this event, are simply guilty of gross negligence”. 

I am very pleased to meet, share ideas and talk data at the 15th anniversary of the BeslutsstödsDagen “Data Drives Business” conference in january 2018 in Stockholm.

In 2018 we are focusing on Sharing, Best Practice and Peer-2-Peer expertise. We have now launched a much appreciated and greatly improved Idea Blitz Round Table Format. Every Idea Blitz, is moderated by a highly experienced industry professional, that sets and drives the conversation. For each Idea Blitz, we invite Tech co-chairs, to address issues relating to strategy & implementation. 

As always we are presenting  the cutting edge of new and coming tech, trends and developments, to best serve where the Scandinavian market position in 2018. 

Hot on the agenda is AI, and the merge of Big Data and AI promises to be a huge game changer.   

See you on January 31st!

Robert Okpu, Editorial director